Mound City Republic from Mound City, Kansas on June 11, 1908 · 4


TORCH OF LIBERTY E. 0 Lowi, Publisher Entered at tho Hound Olty Post office as Seosnd-clasi mail mtter. TlLIPHOKI 81. Oar Choice for President WM. J. BaTAN. Our Cboloe for Oorernor Jerri D. Botkin. THURSDAY JUNE 11, 1908, MO, PAC, TIME TABLE, BtJNDAY PASSENGER TRAIN Ooino west 9:30 A. M. No. 713 OoiKO EAST 10:67 A. M, No. 714 MIXED T BAINS DAILT EXCEPT SUNDAY Ooino west 1 :85 A. M, No. 713 9oino east 1:35 P. M. No. 742 T. H MoiR. Agent We again call attention of nubscrb era who are in arrears, to tbe fact that those indebted to us one year or more must settle their accounts in some way, or the Postal department will demand that their names be stricken from our list. We do not desire this, nordojou, We bare been too sick since tbe death of our beloved corns panion to Rend personal statements to subscribers, although she bad partly prepared tbe list before her death but we will b compelled to do so now as rapidly as possible and insist upon settlement of some kind. We trust tha in the mean time, m nj more will send In amounts due without waiting for statement to come. E. O. Lowe, , rutMinns CLERK DIBTRIOT OOURT I hereby announoe myself as a candidate for Clerk of the District Oourt of Linn county Kas on the Democratic ticket at tbe election to be held In November, 1808 sub Jeot to the votes to be cast by the Demo oratlo party at the primary to be held on August 4, 1908. Lloyd I, Cadt SHERIFF. I hereby announoe myself as a candidate for sheriff of Linn county, Kansas, on the Democratlo ticket at the election to be held In November 1908, subject to the votes cant by the Democrats at the Primary lection on August 4. 1908, J N Hardinq CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESS If nominated by the Democrats of the Second District BernardJ. Sheridan of Paola Kansas will stand for Congress this fall, PROBATE JUDGE I hereby announoe myself hi a candidate for Probate Judge of Linn County, Kansas on the Democratic ticket at the election to be held in November 1908 subjeot lo the votes to be oast by the Democratic party at the primary to beheld on August 4 1908. G. Marion Mockb REGISTER OP DEEDS I hereby announoe myself as a candidate for tbe otHoe of Register of Deeds of Linn County, Kansas, on the Democratic ticket at the election to beheld In November 1908 subject to’tlie votes to be cast by the Demo- oral til party, at the primary to be’ held on August 4, 1908, F. A. Dhofk COUNTY COMMISSIONER 1 hereby announoe myself as a candidate on the Democratic ticket for the otlloe of County Commissioner from the Sioond District of Lion County. KaiiBas consisting of the townships of Valley, Putosl and Sheridan subject to the votes cast by the-Democrats at tho Primary Election August 4i.h 1908. A, L. Humphrey . I hereby announoe myself as a candidate on the Democratic ticket for the ofllce of County Commissioner from the Third District of Linn County, Kansas consisting of the townships oT Centervllle, Blue Mound Paris. Stanton and Mound City subject to t lie votea cast by the Democrats at the Primary election August 4 1908, 0. D, JUOHKMS. COUNTY ATTORNEY I hereby announce myself as a candidate for Oounty Attorney of Linn County Kansas on the Domocratio tloket the election to be hold In November 1908 subject to the votes to ba cast by the Democratic party at the primary to be held on August 4 1908 John W. Poork . ‘ i n ‘ i i i 1 1 t COUNTY CLERK I hereby announce myself as a candidate for County Clerk ofLton County Kansas on the Democratic ticket at the eleoti n to be held lu November 1908 subject to the votes tho Democratlo party at the primary to boJIuTJ-3a August 4 urn j John L. Gove I hereby SfTa candidate ‘ for County Printer on tbe Democratlo ticket; aft tka aImHah t ha tinlji ttila fall ftnhlanft ! to the rotea oast by the Democratic party at the primary to be held on August i 1908. E. C. Lorn There’a the Old Soratoh to pay and not half enough pitoh hot in Iowa, The three moat widely read Republican paper in that state are. telling their readers that Bryan isa far better exponent of Roosevelt’s policies than Taft is and much more likely to carry them oat. They say it, not beoause they love Bryan more, bat because they love Taft less. In tbe Congressional Beoordof May 12th 1908, page 6394 may be found tbe proceedings of the TJ, 8. Senate legalizing press censorship by the postmaster general or any of bia assistants. 8enator Hale warned the senators that this was the establish ment of a press censorship by the postmaster genera! wilhout right of appeal or oourt review, but the measure passed by a practically unanimous Republican vote, the Democrats opposing. The Congregationalist and several other Protestsnt religious papers are indignant beotuse the long arm of the Vatican at Rome has been stretched out to Washington and an order issued by our postmaster general excluding rom tbe Amerioan mails of a paper published in Rome with a large oirou. ation among the Italians in this country. These Amerioan newspapers could see no danger to Freedom in this country from our Russian press censorship until their own toes were ttodden on, They should have remembered Lin- oolns declaration “That no man who is indifferent to the Freedom of others will long enjoy Freedom for himself.” Others than these denominational edi tors might well take this lesson to heart. The same ri quest was made by the Vatican to Italian government and refused by it, though the paper’s only offioe was in advocating a Republic for Italv and icoidentally there to criticising the Catholic ” clergy for their violent opposition to a republic and to a any extension of popular rights and of general eduoatioo. Two vears ago Senator ‘Long came homo from Washington, and olaimed to his constituents that he had sop. ported President Roosevelt’s measure in congress. A little later Senator Lafollette of Wisconsin made a series of Chatauqua lectures through this state in whioh he read from the con gressional record the official reports of Senator Long’s votes against the uiea. sures reoommended by tbe president, Lafollette did the same useful servioe to the people in Indiana and other states were Republican congressmen and senators were seeking re-eleotion under the snm false pretences as Long in Kansas. This was enough to convinoe Republicans that roll calls were a bad thing for them, since it deprived them of the privilege of vot ing against the interests and wishes of their ovn constituents and then lying out of it, so tbey abolished roll calls, substituting viva voce votes or division by tellers so as to avoid any official record of how anyone voted. This is government by strength. How do you like it? ” All who can remember back ten or twelve years will recall how Republicans then bad seven kinds of fits and five varieties of convulsions whenever they heard mention of the populist ideaof increasing the currency by government notes secured by real es tate mortgages and elevator and wares house receipts of cotton, corn and wheat. Their fits usually began sod ended’with long and agonizing screams ab’cut IFLATIONI JFLATION! and gradually died down to a sepulc . , hral eroan of bloody murder and hlnn min m. ,.,., … – , Thfy theD t0k tbe,r 0Ue from Wall street robbers, who had just spriin” a ! u ill0t, ,llo . , F ‘ ouuvF’uK the peoples property at ill) cents ou he dollar. Njw these same Rip ubli- CaDS “8 WDg an Inflation act to give US Red Dog, wild oat and blue pup money scoured only by watered stocks of wildcat corporations. The populists wanted tbe money loaned to business men and farmers while Re publioans loan it on’y to the big N, Y. banks for use in stock speculation. That makes the difference. PROBATE COURT . June 3 Annua Settlement of tbe estate of Cbarleb G. Button minor by Orsnt Miller guardian filed and ap proved. June 3 Affidavit of Lunacy Hied In the matter of Henry Eohler. Corns mission appointed to make inquiry. The report of said commission shows the said Henry Eohler Is insane and tbe matte certified to the Board of control. r June 4 Petition of L. S. Richardson asking tbe court to appoint L, S. Rich ardson guardian of Austin Richardson minor, Petition granted, bond filed and approved letters issued to said L. y, Richardson as such guardian. June 4 Filing of a paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Wm Kline also affidavit of death of the said William Kline and Petition asking that the said purported will be admitted to Probate by I). W. Kline said petition set for hearing June 13 1908 at 1 o’clock p. m, Commission Issued to C. H. Brown, notary public to take deposition of IjJ. Sraitbeion one of the subscribing rwitnessess there -to at Centerville Kansas. June 3 Notice from L. L. UblsSupt Oaa-.vatonaie State Hospital that Wm Beem a patient from this county has been restored to his right mind and discharged, It is ordered by the court that tbe said Wm Beem be restored to all. his rights as a Citizen. June 8 Petition of James D.Snoddy asking that Margaret Atkinson be aps pointed administrate of the estate of C. C. Atkinson deceased tiled. Peti- ion granted letters ordered en filing bond as requested by the court. June 9 Jane G. Read widow of Catvin Read deceased appeared in oper court and elects to take under the will of Calvin Read deceased and wants her rights under the law of Kansas, June 6 In the matter of the claim of Margaret AtkiDsoo Admx of the state of C. C. Atkinson deceased against said estate. It is ordered tiy the court that W M McDill be appoint ed to appear and manage the defense on the part of Said estate said claim filed and set for hearing June 22 1908. MARRIAGE LICENSE June 6 Arthur E Munchmyer Pleas anton age 25 years and Bessie B. Hait Caney Kau age 21, June 8 Pearl Thompson Pleasanton age 21 and Grace Holstine Pleasanton age 18. McMATH GORMAN On Wednesday afternoon at the M. E. Parsonage, Rev. J. G. Borton united in marriage Miss Alma Cormau of near Centerville and Mr. Wm A. McMaih of Raton New Mexico. Th bride is a daughter of Mrs. L, M, Cor man and was born and raised near Centerville where she is well known The groom is in business at Raton New Mexico. Where he has been for I he past five years. Mr. and Mrs, Mcs Math will be at home after September first at Raton New Mexico. The Torch joins their many friends in wishing them happiness and prosperity. (MUTUARY Adam Walls was born at Martins ville. InJ February 13 1830 and died at the home of h s sister Mrs John bwhs her in this city June 6 1908. Nine years ago he received a sirokd of paralysis from whieh he never recoys cred but was ever patient in his alliic ),oq endurirg suffering like a true sofdter, He became a Christian when a bov and lived a deoted Christian till his death, He was driven to hospitality always ready to help those in need. For thirty years before his afflict’on he served the Church of Christ where he lived as Deacon or Elder. The funeral services were conducted by Elder S, A, Ennefer at the home and the’ remains carried to the cetne- i terv by old soldiers, i H..E Dewey returned home froja Nashville, Tenn today where be has been the past year. Dr. and Mrs. J. O. Wortman left Thursday for Belvidere, 111 to visit bis sun a week. coiM:i3srQ- The Belcher & Wright’s Air Dome Theater Company presenting THE ORIGINAL BELCHER COME-DIANS, WITH 20 PEOPLE. The Barnum of All Stock Companies are BELCHERS COMMEDIANS. PRESENTING THE BEST PLAYS AND INTRODUCING HIGH CLASS SPECIALTIES r ONE WEEK ONLY COMKIC Mil On Lot Near CANCER CURED ” . Without the knife. J no B: Paul, P. H. G. M. D. MOUND CITY Farmers and Merchants’ Bank, mound city, kansas CAPITAL & SURPLUS, $40,000 A, A. Strong, D. A. Warren, Prestdeqt. Vice President, ; . n, OasbleBi.– Ass t. Cashle An absolutely safe banking business conduoted. The officers of this Bank do not borrow money nor engage In speculative enterprise We carry the largest Oush reserves lu proportion to deposits, ot any Bank in Eastern Kansas Plenty of money to loan on personal security, or cattle paper Beat Estate loans at 8 per cent TRIBUTE TO MOUND CITY BAND Mound City now has tbe assuranoe of having one of the largest and best bands in Eastern Kansas, It is composed of eighteen young men, permanent residents ofthe city which makes the membership less liable to ohaDge, The boys are all enthusiastic in their work and are seconding every effort of their leader Jay Strong to make a auooess as musicians The boys have been engaged to play on the 4th at Mapleton and the Press of that city gives them the following handsome boquet; ‘The Mound City Band will be here with eighteen or twenty pieoes and will be prepared to give us an un- limited amount of good music as they are considered to be tbe best band in the country and the committee is very lucky to make such a strike.” The boys have ordered uniforms so that they can make a good sppearanoe in public The uniforms ordered are for summer wear and wiM oonsist of white duck coats with scarlet trimmings and white caps. The uniforms will arrive in about a week. The only drawnback the band has is the lack of funds to keep up the necessary expense attached lo maintaining a good amateur band but in this case the, “Sunflower Club’; of the city has nobly come forward and donated $25. toward purchasing the uniforms for the boys- Who will second this generous donation by a like one. Our citizens do not realize the expense of sustaining a good band, the cost of instrument?, musio, salary of an instructor &’, if they did we are confid. ent that small contributions for its support would be more frequent and now is the time the boys need the belp. Any donation will be thank- IE 15 Court House KANSAS j H. O. Reese, Clat Keisb fully received by tbe treasurer Glenn Doty. Jay Strong was at Pleasanton Mon day and made arrangements for tbe Pleasanton band under the leadership of Prof. E. Cross to give a band concert in our city in tbe near future. This is a reoiprooal arrangement between the two bands and should be the means of encouraging a friendly rivalry between tbe bands of both towns that will result in good to boh U. D. JUCHEMS O. D. Juohems of Centerville township who has announoed himself as a candidate for” County Commissioner from the 3rd Distriot od the Demo cratic ticket, came to Kansas from ! ;liDois in 1872 ad located In And.r- son oounty. About twenty years ago he moved to Lion oounty and settled on a farm west of Centerville, where he lived continuously with the exception of a few years that was spent in Garnett in the hardware business whioh be disposed of and moved baok to his farm in Linn county; While in Garnett he bad the distinction of serv ing as a Deputy County Treasurer under a Republican as well as a Demo cratio Treasurer which illustrates his ability as an official and the esteem of his associates. He has served tbe people for years as sohool direotor and treasurer. Mr. Jucbems is a gentlemen of large experience, a good business man and of exemplary habits and progress tve in his ideas. Qualities that are essential in a good county commission cr. The interests of tbe 3rd District will be in safe bands if Mr. Jucheus is nominated and elected and odt only that, the interests ofthe whole county will be just as sacredly guarded at bis hands.’ 1908

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